Monday, June 28, 2010

Where in the world is Sandy???

Howdy everyone! Been wondering shere our Sandyrella has been?? (this is Cosmo by the way-one of the happy sheep that runs the farm!) Mom has been busy making wool runs from our flock friends- Coopworth from Jacob; Scottish Black Face/British Suffolk/Mule from Graham & Margaret and of course sorting through our own fleeces... She is also working hard to keep us all cool in the humid weather, which has finally let us up today. She thinks we all need to learn to enjoy a wading pool?? Whahaat??? Not. It has been WAY too crazy and we are some very bored sheep lately. Today is better so we are up to our usual mischief-finally! We broke INTO the old dairy barn the other day-THAT was fun, and what a surprise for our people peeps! Who'd a thunk? US of course!

Mom is threatening to put us to work helping to sort fleeces and man the website... again, think not. Too much to DO outside. THEN she asked us to WEED the flower beds and garden? We get in too much trouble for THAT. So, got on the computer early, found mom changed the paypal password on us and she said we had to communicate with our fans. Hope you are all well and enjoying LOTS of fiber and better weather. Cheerioats for now!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A wonderful day.....

The perfect ending to a perfectly beautiful day..... more info tomorrow- must get some sleep