Friday, December 28, 2012

Fleece Navidad!!

And a Joy to the Wooled too! This is our Sonny sheep, he insisted on the disheveled look to his holiday bomber hat. Otherwise, no picture. Piper photo bombed too! I think he is laughing at Sonny? However, Sonny is happy to pose and be stylin'!

The sheep have been busy having fun with some mistakes they made. This is a photo of our new 'pre-felt' crazy quilt curls. The sheep put a variety of wool, alpaca and llama fiber together for each piece. The 'decorating' or embellishment is up to YOU! The felt can be manipulated (thus pre-felt) or you could felt it further if need be. You could wear them as a pretty boa-type scarf as is but would recommend some embellishment. Add beads, handspun yarn, vintage jewelry- set loose the creativity for a wonderful, unique project! 

Did you know the sheep also love to paint?? We have added our unique, one of a kind hand painted items back to the website so be sure to check them out when you can. The sheep create the original designs and I paint them. M any more will be available as soon as the items are signed and sealed. Drop spindles, vintage item make overs and more. :0)

We were blessed with around 15 inches of snow last week so the sheep have been busy sledding and making snow angels. I heard yesterday they are learning to snow shoe now? I should have them teach ME, that is something I have always wanted to learn! I hope your holidays have been happy and that you stay safe if you are out and about for New Years Eve. 

Special holiday smooches to you from the sheep!

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