Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The sheep parade!

Every morning I get to walk with the sheep. It is a blessing and wonderful way to start a day. 

Simon says let's go sheep! (he always leads the way and he is a little bossy too!)
Really Simon? So early?? 
Sheep leaving me in their dust (literally)!
Little Mayhem sheep says hey, wait up!

Still walking!
And we're THERE! Waaay out in the far part of the biggest pasture- whew!
Big Kitty walks too- he always wants a ride home. Too much walking for an old man barn cat! 

And that is my early morning. A good walk taken- part of the sheep parade! 

Just finished an update on the website so hope you can stop by. Lots of fiber, roving and even some mittens!! Smooches from the sheep everyone! 


Jan Conwell said...

I swear my blood pressure goes down after one of your lovely pastoral posts. :~)

cathie gottlieb said...

Great post Sandy!