Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Sheep Parade!

And a Sandy complex!

Sometimes the sheep want me to read them a good detective story. And of course that involves a big bowl of Fruit Loops and a sleeping bag to sit on. And by that I mean THEY sit on the sleeping bag, me- on the ground. It is so cute because they just keep leaning on me and scooching me over. They tell me they remember having soft blankets when they were bottle lambs in the house. All makes sense! 

  Every day we have a sheep parade- several times a day. I LOVE a sheep parade! They follow each other single file to the big pasture. This is a bunch of sheep who think it is time, even though we have not visited yet? You go first, no YOU go first!

Oh for goatie's sake! Simon says- let's get a move on before she shuts the big gate!

And the sheep parade moves out- and very few stops to visit on the way? There in lies the Sandy complex! They sure are paranoid don't you think? Or is it me? They must know Fall is here. They will want to savor the green grass before it is gone.

Although, maybe they also know it is time to wear their winter coats???? Could be- we are going to be putting their coats on next weekend. Hmmmm, wonder who told on me? ;0)

MAYBE they just think I need a good long walk- I think I will go take them up on their 'offer'......

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Taos Sunflower said...

I love that you sit and read with them...XXXX