Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh my! Will the sheep fire me?!

Dalai Llama might apparently! Uh oh! Better stock up on Fruit Loops rigth? ;0)

Been a wild summer here as usual. Working on getting hay situated for winter and getting projects done before winter. The sheep are enjoying pasture life and awaiting their turns to style it up in their new winter coats. We will probably be putting the coats on the sheep sometime in the next month- you can sign up for the special (free) newsletter on the left side of this blog to keep track of their activities til shearing time. Whaahat? Can it BE time for Sandyrella Princess of Farm Drama to start fussing about shearing??? In March? Oh let's hope not! ha!

We've added lots of new fiber and yarn to the website, and there is always more to follow. The sheep have been working hard to do weekly updates. Even if they don't feel like they have 'enough done' for a giant one! Go sheep!

Hoping you are all staying safe and sending good thoughts for better weather and no fires for everyone. Thinking of you and wishing better days for you too.....

Smooches from the sheep!

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Taos Sunflower said...

What a great photograph, Sandyrella!! XOXOX