Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm spinnin' from a cloud.....

just a spinnin' from a cloud, what a glorious feeling.... (well, you get the rest!) Have YOU ever spun yarn or felted from a cloud of silky shiny wool? The sheep highly recommend it! ;0)

Sophie washed her beuatiful chocolate/silver Rambouillet fleece, then I ran it through the carder- ta-da- Clouds!

We also send fiber off to to be carded into clouds. This our Romney clan wool, blended with alpaca and llama fiber. They use a de-hairing machine (one step short of carding into roving) so almost all of the guard hair is removed.  Soft and easy to spin, felt or?

Clouds pictured above can dye up like this- again, the sheep picked a sultry colorway- must be the cloudy gloomy days we are having here?

This is one of my single ply Crazy Quilt yarn, hand spun from our Crazy Quilt picked fiber. It includes the Leicester Longwool and Sophie fiber, blended with lots and lots of bling and add-ins.

Two ply yarn spun from Sara's Leicester Longwool sheep....

A glorious silky cloud of a fleece- from my friend Sara's Leicester Longwool sheep! I handspun this fiber into 2 ply yarn that is pictured further down the page...

Sophie dyed her fleece a moody, sultry color- the natural chocolate/silver of her fleece will give projects a heathered appearance.... ooh la la!
 All you need to do is decide whether you want to try blending the clouds with other fiber for batts; spin the fiber right out of the bag; felt it or or or ! Just have fun- and remember, if I can do this, ANYone can! Hope you are all enjoying a wonderfully fibery, yarnie weekend! Smooches from the sheep!
(all of the fiber and yarn is available on our website: If you have any questions please email the sheep any time!

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