Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A few new things, a few old ones!

I am starting today with this cute picture of two of our oldest sheep girls! Just don't tell them I said they were old ok? We purchased Shannon (black Shetland) and Willow (cinnamon Merino x) from a friend many years ago. We were amazed then at how close they were, even though they were part of a larger flock. Today, they stay that close, kind of their own little 'family' or sisterhood inside of our flock. Sheep's devotion to each other is life long. Sheep in our flock that arrived pregnant and had lambs, still keep their babies close, even after they grow up. I love that sheep have families they love and stay close to. It really is amazing....

The sheep have just launched their first ever Crazy Quilt Yarn Club! There is limited space available for this one and you can find all the fun info on our website:

The yarn shows is an example of our Crazy Quilt Yarn- every skein will be different and no two alike. Each skein will include 100+ yards and will be single ply. The first club is for a two month membership- we will be adding more as we go along!

The sheep have been sneaking around a bit online- they now have a Sneaky Sheep shop on Artfire! It is a place the sheep are offering 'secret' discounts and such- a good place to keep an eye on, the sheep LOVE a good discount or ???

So much fun stuff going on here this Spring it is hard to smoosh it into one post.... watch for more info, more often! We just updated the website and etsy yesterday so hope you will stop on by! Smooches from the sheep and chow for now!


Elsa said...

I never knew that sheep had that family sense. Makes them even more endearing ~ no wonder I could never eat lamb (I'm vegan too). They all look like lovely girls.
Thanks for sharing it!

Montymoo said...

I love your stuff! Very cool spinning. Knitpurlgurl turned me on to you, and she magically got me to spend money on locks and roving from your beautiful family of sheepies!

Homestead Wool & Gift Farm said...

Thank you so much! Look forward to getting to know you- -the sheep send smooches!