Friday, August 06, 2010

Baaazinga! The party has begun!

Zoiks! This is the first Baazinga Fiber Party hosted by the sheep- they have been working toward this for weeks, and the work is still ongoing. Figured we better get started or it would never happen! ha!
What is a Baazinga party? The sheep hate the word 'sale' so prefer discount party. Just one of their funny quirks. We rarely offer discounts so this is a great opportunity to stash up on beautiful fleeces- enable enable. We know our prices are lower than most people and we are not trying to undercut them, it just does not do Jenny, Mary or me anygood to have the fiber sitting on the shelves in the fiber palace. Specially with winter feed bills coming up shortly.... The proceeds for Mary & Jen's sales go directly back to their little flocks. Our fiber may be reasonably priced, but is VERY high quality and we are offering a large variety and quantity of fun goodies!
Here are the Baazinga guidelines for this week:
*includes only alpaca and llama fiber
*washed or unwashed only
*20% discount (does not include shipping charges)
*Etsy discounts refunded at time of purchase
**or happy to combine shipping between website & Etsy shop
*The sheep are happy to hold purchases but will require you to pay as you go until you are ready to have the fiber sent out to you
*sales- first email to the sheep first served
Looking for wool offerings? We added some of those too today so be sure to have a browse. (Baazinga only applies to washed/unwashed alpaca/llama fiber). The sheep love to wash fiber so if you would like them to wash your fiber for you, please email and let them know ok?
Please contactus with any questions at the sheep's email- and keep an eye on the site/etsy- the sheep will be adding more fleeces (most likely daily) in order to keep up and reduce our shameful stash of fiber! tee hee! They are kicking my hiney on that matter.... help!
Homestead Wool & Gift Farm
Crazy Quilt Homestead
Hope to see you soon- email any time if you have other colors of alpaca/llama on your mind! We probably have it here- enable enable- smooches from the sheeps!


Heyjami said...

Help, I can't figure out how to buy this or where to see what the items are that I can buy (or prices).
Thanks! Love your blog by the way!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Heyjami! Sorry I did not check the blog out sooner- life is a blur around here it seems! Thank you for your kind words and you just have to go to our website or etsy (linked above) to check out the sheep and what they have to offer! Email me at the farm ( ryan 3 at tds dot com) if you need more info ok? Smooches!