Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Encouraging filthiness amongst the flock??

Whahaaat? Think Dalai Llama is laughing? Snickering? He started it when the weather was rainy, and he heard he was next in line for a hair cut. I think the sheep ratted me out on that one? Or was it Bobbi the Great Pyr? One never knows!
Dalai never rolls in the mud- but he sure did a good job that day. NOW the humidity/heat feels like 108 degrees lately so I am actually encouraging filthy llamas and alpacas? Go figure!
The favorite part of my day is to go out, turn on the water hose and watch the alpacas play- llamas splash in the pool (or water tanks) and just enjoy cooling off.
The bad part being, they then speed off to their favorite dust bowl- and gleefully roll over and over and over- getting up, giving a shake, and looking at me as if to say, 'how do you like me NOW mom?' ha! Even Bobbi & Andrew (g.pyrs) and Noodle & Libby (border collies) like a good splash in the hose. Peanut & Pal (pot belly pigs) LOVE a nice shower- in the pool they dug. Noodle likes their pool too- what a muddy mess THAT ends up being-it's all good though!
Name of our game is happy critters, just wish I could convince the sheep that a shower is refreshing- they do not agree. Although they WILL sleep/stand out in a good rain shower? Again, go figure! Hope you are all staying comfy and cool- but cleaner than the clan here! mwaaahahahaha!


Taos Sunflower said...

Sorry to hear you're having gruesome heat; guess it's most everywhere right now. Do they turn the hose on you so you can run around and play???

rhysom.art said...

I wish I had a pool to play in, rather than a desk to sit at. Lucky lamas!

The Rambling Rose said...

Dalai is a hoot! I love this picture.