Monday, November 30, 2009

Joy to the Wooled!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! We spent way lots of fun visiting family and eating WAY way too much food! I swear, Saturday we got back here from Mary & Joseph's place and I actually had to rest/collapse.... way too much great food! We are working on updates all week, so please be sure to check both the Etsy shop and our Website ok? The yarn pictured above is our Treasure's 2 ply 'Sheep A Go Go' and you can find it in the sheep's Etsy shop.... giddyup!
We are also adding some great, happy wearables to the site and etsy- very cool, one of a kind items that would be great gifts- to friends OR your own self! This is a 'Feisty Boa/Lash Scarf' and you can find it in our etsy shop....
Roving on the website- 'Bumblin' , a pindrafted roving (thank you Shari of morrofleeceworks dot com !) that includes our own Fender's Romney wool (natural chestnut brown) carded side by side with our own hand dyed Corriedale wool. We purchased the Corrie from our Theo and Morgan's sheep family. Both wools are soft soft soft!
This is another colorway of our millspun yarn- a blend of our own Romney sheep, custom spun by the wonderful gals at Argyle Fiber Mill (dot com). Soft, two ply yarn that would be perfect for any project- it is named Allspice.
As I mentioned, we will be adding things pretty much daily (yes, I am that far behind) AND AND AND, just got my new dyes in the mail today! Yeeha and look out dyepots! Keep an eye on the sheep- they have lots of fun in store for everyone..... Fruit Loop Margaritas all around!!

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