Saturday, August 05, 2006

Meredith Your Yarn Is Done-- Please Email!!!!

Lots of fun yarn spinning going on around in this humid weather! However, I hope our new customer Meredith reads this post! Your yarn is done and thanks to our computer crash, I do not have your email to contact you with--- WAH! SO, please email us so I can get your cool yarn on its way!

The yarns pictured are on left, our Sophie and Louis' 'strappy' button yarn. I spun up a single ply of yarn that includes Sophie's natural black/bay Rambouillet wool and stripes of Sophie's wool combined with her brother Louis' white Rambouillet wool. When I plyed it, I strung some very pretty buttons and gems in random spots--a very soft, fun yarn. I also spun up matching single ply yarn and some other creations with their wool so take a peek and see what you find!

The yarn on the right is a departure from my typical choice of fibers--it is some pretty vintage fabric that was 'strappy' and I spun it up with a variety of novelty threads. It would look great as stripes in a tote or purse?? Very fun to spin!

I should explain the term 'strappy'! My younger sister (when we were much younger) had a pair of brightly colored striped socks, toe socks no less--that were her absolute favorite. She wore them all the time but they were not striped, not stripey, but STRAPPY! Thereby, the basis for my self striping yarn names! Hope the weather is cooler for all and keep an eye out for more fiber, yarn and wool postings very soon!

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