Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Antique Teacher's Desk 'Recovery' Project!

Working as close to deadline as humanly possible--as usual! Our first show of the fall is on Sunday Aug 20 (for time, directions click here) at the cool Milton House Historical Museum--located at the underground railroad station! It is a great show with lots of artists, a book sale at the library and a rummage sale at the church down the way. Lots to do-hope we see you!

My project has been lurking about here for some years. I found it in the basement of a local antique shop and since it had Albany painted on it after the name (our former home town), I bought it for a 'future use'. It is a very very old teacher's desk that this teacher would most likely have built him/herself and carried it from school to school as their jobs required. Mainly one room school houses. It was used to hold everything they could need to teach their students.

We are planning a new use for it, it needs a good cleaning, some elbow grease and paste wax, then I have some 'decoration' in mind (more pictures later!) so we can use this at shows to hold the money box, extra receipts, bags, etc--all that little stuff you forget to pack if it is not in one spot! The washing has already taken place so as soon as it is dry again, I will break out the elbow grease and ideas and will post pictures when it is done......

We are currently enjoying a wonderful break in the weather so new fences are going up, hay is coming in again and we are working toward getting through our shows so we can concentrate on our fall Angora goat fleeces--and the first ever fleeces from our little Wensleydale lambs! Hope everyone is having as nice weather as we are here!

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