Sunday, November 03, 2013

Three little trees & what a view!

So say the llamas, horses and donkey! This tippy top of the hill is where you will most often find them all having "meetings" (also known as NAPS). They tell me it is the best place to see our entire  farm and valley. To keep everyone safe they said. They named it Ryan Farm Look Out Pointe. 

Now let's decode the llama-speak a little bit. Safety can mean a number of things to a llama. Numero uno top priority is sheep safety. Closely followed by llama safety. You know, safe from the bad guys. Like people who want to visit with them or (gasp) catch them? 

Look out of course means seeing me coming up the hill. Decode a little more look out, warning warning, here she comes. Even though they do tend to think immediate evasive action is appropriate, I beg to differ. 

They must not fully realize just how safe it truly is up there. The highest spot on the farm is at the top of that hill in the pasture. The kind of hill you walk up diagonally, zig zag style. If  you walk straight up the hill, it is so steep you end up crawling because the hillside comes up to meet you. Vertically. Did I say steeply?? 

Good advice I've learned from experience. If you lose your step, tuck and roll. And roll. When you finally end up at the bottom of said hill, be sure you stick the landing proudly. Jump to your feet with your hands high up in the air. You won't get a medal for your impressive performance, but you will shock the sheep and llamas into silence long enough to gather up your dignity. 

After that, you will be at the critter's mercy. The butt of their jokes, hoof pointing and snickers behind your back every time they see you.  Guffaws of laughter when they think you won't hear them. Most often they forgo the formality of being kind by just laughing til they can't stand up- right in front of your face. 

 And this is THE perfect time to remind them all who holds the keys to every Fruit Loop in the stash! ;0)

Next post I am going to dish some dirt on THEM. We'll start with a llama who thinks he is a horse. Stay tuned!  

Smooches from us all!
...where sheep may safely graze.

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