Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hay Days!

Tee hee! Happy New Year everyone- hay days are always a happy one for the sheep! 
Each week to 10 days Hay Man Stan arrives with gigantic bales of hay early so the ground is still frozen. That way he can deliver the sheep's hay with out his skid steer sinking into the pasture...
The sheep can hear Hay Man Stan coming about a mile away-here they are watching to be sure the hay gets into perfect spots. 
Sonny sheep thinks I can't see him? Really Sonny? You are taller than this huge bale of hay! 
Last but not least, Keebler is showing you why we are so happy to have coats on the sheep- thank you all again! The hay is very leafy (their favorite kind of alfalfa salad) so gets all over everyone... eeeeek!

SO, na na na na, na na na na, Hay Hay Hay, good bye! bwaaahahahahaha!

Smooches from the sheep everyone!

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