Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Sheep Make Executive Decisions.....

it is a good thing for all of you! ;0)

The sheep got together and decided we needed to adjust our prices to address the weather related issues we are having on the farm. We have not had rain for weeks and our pastures/hayfields are literally toast! In light of that, the sheep are having a 'rain dance' price reduction on all fiber and yarn (does not include unwashed wool).

The idea of feeding hay so early in the year is not fun- but since we have almost met our FUNdraising goal for sheep coats, we should be able to get them all coated up before they have to have hay. Thank you everyone for your sponsorship of the sheep- you are awesome!

Hope you will stop on by and have a browse- if you are looking for yarn (we are re-vamping the yarn pages and links are not officially hooked up yet), just scroll down to the site map, you will see the links there. The yarn will be listed by weight i.e. Aran, Bulky, etc...

Hope you are all happily fibering away, and as always, thank you for supporting the sheep- they send you many many fruit loop-ie smooches!

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