Monday, December 28, 2009

Better late than never Christmas wishes.... ;0)

My favorite memory with the sheep happened the first Christmas we spent here on our newly purchased, bigger 'farm'. We travelled off to mom and dad's for Christmas Eve (our yearly family gathering-that we LOVE!), worrying (as I tend to do) that the sheep would sneak through the not so great (yet) fencing and visit the neighbors- or worst, get lost!
We got home and the first place I went was to count sheep (hee hee) and they were all present, accounted for- enjoying snacks, all happy-and wondering what the heck was wrong with ME. I took a deep breath, glad to be home and as I sat down to visit with my sheep, my favorite carol came on the radio- like magic, Silent Night.
It was SO perfect and I will never forget how it felt to sit amongst my critter family, the peace and warmth in our cherished, 90+ year old dairy barn. It was so difficult to pry myself out of there-but I did, and spent a very happy rest of the holiday with my wonderful hubby and son...
It brought home to me the wonder of sheep- how they are always there, even when I am in some sort of 'mood'-and how they make me a better person.....
Obviously Sandy child grinch could have benefitted from some pet sheep much earlier in her life! bwaaaaahahahahahaha! Bet you were not expecting THIS right???? HA!
Our wish for you all is that you enjoyed much peace, joy and happiness with your family and friends. Be sure you hug them up every day-and take a page from the sheep's book on happy.... Cheers!

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