Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday Sheeples!

Now how is THIS for a happy Monday? Top picture is our Obama Llama, below our Dalai Llama- what camera hams huh? I really doubt they know what day it is- but most days I don't either! tee hee! Obama has some fiber on the website this week- our update was Friday and there are still lots of fun woolies so have a peek!!
The sheep also wanted to let you know about a fairly new shop featuring the creations of Manuela- long time friend of the sheep! Many of her creations, yarn and spinning fiber include fiber from our critter family- she is quite the talent! Be sure to have a look ok? ;0)

Hope you all had a fantastically fibery weekend! Lots of great new fiber coming your way on this week's update- my wonder hubby 'bailed out' the fiber at Argyle Fiber Mill- giddyup!!! I think I even saw some millspun Shetland yarn from our little auburn Vaughan??? Off to play!

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