Sunday, November 11, 2007

Giant update today!

Finally done with our Sunday update! Featured today is our little beelzubub goat Phoebe--the Pygora! I did not get a ton of fleece from her this year as usual--she decided to be particularly NOT careful! SO, spun it up from the uncarded locks and added in random stripes of Tussah Silk. Phoebe picked out a pretty vintage beaded applique to go along with the yarn so be sure to check it out! There are two skeins in the set--one of Phoebs and silk, one of Tussah silk--both wrapped with twinkle thread....

We have hot water again--yey! and I am back to washing/dyeing wool so look for more updates on Wednesday depending on how quickly things dry. Have lots of new roving planned, batts and dyed fiber--OH, we just got a new batch of Corriedale wool from our wonder shearer too--his sheep are soft and gorgeous so keep an eye out for Corriedale!!

Be sure to check out the update on the site here and sneak peek pictures here! Look forward to hearing from all of you when you have time!! Happy Sunday!

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